Soujiyi EDM, which binds its own mailbox and simulates 
manual one-to-one sending of marketing emails, has a 
very high arrival rate.
Multi brand email binding
Support 163 mailbox, QQ mailbox, Gmail, Yahoo mailbox, Outlook mailbox,
Hotmail mailbox and other personal and corporate mailboxes.
Customize message headers and headers
Soujiyo EDM can automatically match the email header according to the customer name noted by CRM; Or you can specify a unified header and mail title.
Mail Template Management
Customize multiple templates/support shopping malls to purchase
customized templates.
Random template and
email sending
Put the mail template of the same product in a group, and the system will randomly select a template to send to avoid the risk of being intercepted by  the other server; At the same time, you can also bind multiple mailboxes and randomly select one mailbox to send the development letter.
Message tracking
Real time tracking of the reading status, reading times and reading time of the sent messages.
Scheduled mail sending
After creating the marketing task, send the email at the specified time; There is no need to wait in front of the computer, and the computer is also sent when it is turned off.
Email Automate
Email Automate is a browser extension that automatically sends emails. Just authorize the login of the user's email account on the Email Automate, and cooperate with hundreds of millions of email marketing foreign trade software to send emails in batches and efficiently. There is no upper limit on the number of mailboxes that can be bound, and there is no need to wait for the server to schedule. Log in to the mailbox account to use it, which greatly improves the efficiency of email sending.
● Official API is safe and stable
● Efficient delivery saves effort and worry
● Unlimited number of mailbox bindings
● Mail tracking well-informed

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