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Uncover your entire target audience, build lists and access tools that help you convert MQLs at scale to move your business forward.
Better data means better marketing results
Marketers use Soujiyi's prospecting, engagement, and workflow solutions to move business forward with ease.
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Streamline work
Get in front of a larger target audience you didn’t know existed and find new segments with valuable data.
Improve the marketing-generated pipeline and conversions and be a strategic partner to your revenue team.
Build more efficient and streamlined workflows between sales and marketing and speed up your go-to-market.
How marketers use Soujiyi
Drive more marketing qualified leads

Discover more of your
target audience
Drive successful demand generation campaigns with more leads from Apollo’s vast and accurate B2B database of over 220 million contacts. Get accurate and verified emails to decision-makers and use Apollo’s rich audience data to create audience segments for your campaigns.
Personalize your inbound and outbound campaigns
Quickly and easily target high-value leads and strategic accounts within your market. With our rich audience data and powerful engagement tools, you can build automated yet personalized inbound and outbound sequences and ABM campaigns to improve your conversion rates.
It’s easy to use Apollo as your centralized platform for go-to-market teams or to integrate Apollo as part of your Martech stack. Automate bilateral data sync between Apollo and your CRM and get transparency into conversion tracking from MQLs to sales.
Streamline and automate workflows
between sales and marketing

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